Programme and Invited Speakers

FRIDAY, 22nd May

  Lecture Speaker
09:00 Opening Ceremony  
  Major depression  
09:15 Depression – Looking above and beyond – Treatment goals beyond symptom reduction Luchezar G. Hranov (BG)
09:45 Diagnostics and Management of Major Depressive Disorder Zoltán Rihmer (HU)
10:30 Evidence Based Antidepressant treatment/Evidence Based Pharmacotherapy in (major) Depression Pavel Mohr (CZ)
11:00 Break  
11:15 Limitations of current antidepressant treatment & Future Treatment of Major Depression Feyza Aricioglu (TR)
11:45 Bipolar depression and differences and similarities between uni and bipolar depression Georgios Papageorgiou (EL)
12:15 Interactive session – country experience  
12:45 Break  
14:00 The role of serotonergic genes and environmental stress on the development of depressive symptoms and neuroticism Nikos Stefanis (EL)
14:30 Pharmacoeconomic Insight in the Current Psychopharmacology Jana Skoupá (CZ)
15:00 General Trends in Psychiatry Siegfried Kasper (AT)
15:30 Interactive Session – Countries Experience  
16:00 End of the first day  

SATURDAY, 23rd May

  Lecture Speaker
  Dementia and Alzheimer's Di­sease  
09:00 Diagnostics, Risk Factors and Prevention in Dementia and Neurodegenerative Diseases Jakub Hort (CZ)
09:30 Neuroimaging in early and differential diagnostics of dementia Jakub Hort (CZ)
10:00 Neuropsychology and screening tools in early diagnostics and differential diagnostics of dementia Latchezar Traykov (BG)
10:30 Management of Behavioral and Psychological Symptoms of Dementia Tomasz Gabryelewicz (PL)
11:00 Break  
11:20 Current pharmacological treatment options for dementia Tibor Kovács (HU)
11:20 Failures and future perspectives in the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias Gorazd B. Stokin (SI)
12:20 Interactive session – country experience  
13:00 End of the second day  


2nd CME CNS, Athens

Athens, May 22-23, 2015

1st CME CNS 2014

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