Ass. Prof. Pavel Mohr, MD, PhD (CZ)

1984 –1990 School of Medicine, Charles University, Prague (M.D.)
1993, 1999 Czech Board of Psychiatry (Board Cert)
2001 PhD in Neurosciences, Charles University, Prague
2004 Associate Professor (Docent) of Psychiatry, Charles University, Prague

Professional Experience:
1991 – 1995, 1998 – Physician at the Clinical Department of Prague Psychiatric Center
1995 – 1998 Research Scientist, Clinical Research Division, Nathan S. Kline Institute for Psychiatric Research, Orangeburg, New York.
2000 – Research Scientist, the Center of Neuropsychiatric Studies, Prague
2004 – Associate Professor, Department of Psychiatry, 3rd School of Medicine, Charles University Prague
2004 – Fellow of the of the European Psychiatric Association, since 2008 member of the Psychopharmaco­logical Section EPA
2006 – Faculty member of the Vienna School of Clinical Research
2009 – Head of the Clinical Department of Prague Psychiatric Center
2009 – Associate Professor, Institute of Health Studies, Technical University Liberec

1989 – National Student Research Award
2000 – The Young Researcher Award of the Young Researcher Forum, Association of European Psychiatrists.
2000 – Award of the Czech Neuropsychophar­macological Society

Membership in the professional organizations:
Czech Neuropsychophar­macological Society (Member of the Board since 1999, President 2009–2011)
Association of European Psychiatrists (Fellow)
Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, sub-specialty committee of the neurosciences
Internal Grant Agency of the Czech Ministry of Health, committee of the neurosciences

Editorial Boards:
Integrative Psychological & Behavioral Science
European Psychiatry
International Psychiatry and Neurosciences
Czech and Slovak Psychiatry
Journal of Czech Physicians
Digest Review of Psychiatry

20 chapters in text-books and monographs, 66 full-text papers in peer-reviewed journals.


2nd CME CNS, Athens

Athens, May 22-23, 2015

1st CME CNS 2014

Summary, lectures, archive


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