Prof. Latchezar Traykov, MD, PhD, DSc (BG)

Professor Latchezar Traykov is Head of the Neurology Department at the Medical University in Sofia and Corresponding Member of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences. He has held a series of senior positions at hospitals in his native Bulgaria, as well as in Paris, where he was Associate Professor of Neurology at the Neurological Clinic, at the Faculty of Medicine, University Paris XII.

In 2001, he was qualified as University Professor at the Neuroscience Section of the National University Council of France, following scores of research activities, awards and publications. His research activities and grants have included projects on aging and dementia; Alzheimer’s di­sease; vascular dementia; therapeutic strategies in patients with cognitive decline; and many more, spanning nearly twenty five years.

Awards granted to Professor Traykov over the past sixteen years have included prizes for Best Research in Neuroscience; the Foreign Scholarship Award in Washington; the France Alzheimer annual prize for best research; the Panacea Gold for special contributions to teaching, research and expert activity, as part of the Annual Prize of the Medical University of Sofia; and the Annual Prize of the Union of Scientists in Bulgaria.

Professor Traykov has also authored and edited scores of articles worldwide for leading professional publications specialising in neurology, neuropsychology, geriatric psychiatry, neuroepidemiology and more.


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